Ajit Ninan (1955 – 8 September 2023) stood out as a significant name in the world of political cartooning in India. His insightful and witty illustrations graced numerous publications, often capturing the political pulse of the nation.

Born in 1955, Ninan reached the pinnacle of his career during his tenure at renowned publications such as the Times of India and India Today magazine. He resided in New Delhi, marking a profound impact on the city’s journalistic circles and beyond. Sadly, he left the world on 8 September 2023, at the age of 68.


Ninan’s portfolio was extensive, showcasing his versatility and keen observational skills. Here’s a look at his commendable work:

Comic Strips

  • Detective Moochhwala: A popular strip that found its place in Target magazine.


  • Ajit Ninan’s Funny World: Another gem in Target magazine, showcasing Ninan’s humorous take on various subjects.
  • Just Like That!: A daily cartoon treat for the readers of the Times Of India.
  • Like That Only!: Co-created with Jug Suraiya, this was a bi-weekly delight in the Times Of India.
  • Centrestage: An iconic series in India Today, Ninan’s Centrestage often became the talk of the town.
  • Ninan’s World: A recurrent feature in the Times of India, capturing diverse themes.
  • Poli Tricks: A special series during the 2009 Indian general elections, published in the Times of India.
  • iToons: A collaboration with Sunil Agarwal, this single-panel cartoon strip became quite a hit in the Times of India.


Ninan’s prowess wasn’t limited to newspapers and magazines. His contributions to books have been equally notable:

  • Like That Only: Co-authored with Jug Suraiya, this book was published by Times Group Books in 2007. ISBN 978-81-89906-13-9.
  • The India Today Book of Cartoons: Ajit collaborated with Sudeep Chakravarti to edit this collection, which was published in New Delhi by Books Today in 2000.

Ajit Ninan’s work has left an indelible mark in the annals of Indian journalism and cartooning. He will be remembered not just for his strokes and sketches, but for the profound insights and smiles he brought to countless readers.