“Ananta Bhalobasha” (Eternal Love) is a 1999 Bangladeshi romantic action film directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan and produced by Kuddusur Rahman under the SP Production banner. The film’s story and dialogues were written by Abu Saeed Khan and Henry Amin, respectively. It marked the on-screen debut of popular actor Shakib Khan and Erin Zaman. The plot revolves around family rivalries, love, and revenge.

Plot: The story follows Afzal Chowdhury (Abul Hayat), who has two stepbrothers, Ashraf Chowdhury (Wasimul Bari Rajib) and Akram Chowdhury (Nasir Khan). They conspire to kill Afzal to acquire his wealth and falsely accuse his pregnant wife Nazma (Dolly Johur) of the crime. Nazma serves her sentence and is eventually reunited with her son Moshal (Shakib Khan).

Meanwhile, Ashraf’s daughter Jyoti (Erin Zaman) has grown up. Moshal comes to Jyoti’s rescue when she encounters some trouble, and their encounter leads to a deep and passionate love. However, as they delve deeper into their relationship, they discover the longstanding family rivalry between their respective households, which threatens to tear them apart.


  • Shakib Khan as Moshal
  • Erin Zaman as Jyoti
  • Wasimul Bari Rajib as Ashraf Chowdhury
  • Abul Hayat as Afzal Chowdhury
  • Nasir Khan as Akram Chowdhury
  • Dolly Johur as Nazma
  • Rina Khan as the wife of Ashfaque Chowdhury
  • Anwar Hossain as Rahim Miah
  • Misha Sawdagor as Rana
  • Afzal Sharif as Boltu

Casting: Shakib Khan, who later became a renowned actor in the Bangladeshi film industry, made his on-screen debut with “Ananta Bhalobasha.” He was chosen as the lead actor by director Sohanur Rahman Sohan after a recommendation from choreographer Aziz Reza. At that time, Khan was paid only ৳5,000 for his role in the film. Reflecting on his early career, Shakib Khan emphasized the importance of hard work and determination in achieving success.

Soundtrack: The film’s soundtrack was composed and written by Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul, with one song composed by Alam Khan and another written by Milton Khandkar. The songs were performed by renowned artists like Andrew Kishore, Runa Laila, Kanak Chapa, and Dolly Sayontoni. The soundtrack album was released on 1st January 1999 and includes melodious tracks that enhance the film’s romantic and emotional elements.

“Ananta Bhalobasha” combines elements of romance, action, and family drama, making it a memorable addition to Bangladeshi cinema, especially as it marked the beginning of Shakib Khan’s successful acting career.