“At the River” is a remarkable debut feature film directed by Eva Neymann. The film made its mark in the world of cinema by being selected for the main program of the Moscow International Film Festival in 2007. Additionally, it participated in the 36th Rotterdam International Film Festival during the same year. Let’s dive into the plot and cast of this heartwarming film.


“At the River” offers a glimpse into the life of two elderly women, Masha Konkova and her daughter Klavdia Petrovna Konkova, who have spent their entire lives together. The story unfolds when a young official visits them, unintentionally sparking a sense of youthful vitality in Masha. On this particular sunny day, Masha decides to embark on a walk along the river with her daughter.

Both women are acutely aware that the best days of their lives are behind them, and their appearance during this stroll might appear comical to others. However, on this day, they cast aside such concerns. Instead, they revel in the joy of a simple walk, the pleasant weather, and the serene presence of the river. It’s a story of rediscovering youthfulness and savoring the beauty of the moment, regardless of age.


The film boasts a talented cast that brings these endearing characters to life:

  • Nina Ruslanova as Masha Konkova
  • Maria Politseymako as Klavdia Petrovna Konkova
  • Sergey Bekhterev as the deputy’s assistant
  • Natalya Buzko as Nastya’s mother
  • Yuri Nevgamonny as the captain of a pleasure craft

Awards and Nominations

“At the River” received recognition and acclaim on the international film circuit. Some of its notable awards and nominations include:

  • Miskolc International Film Festival: Critics Award (Winner)
  • Moscow International Film Festival: Golden St. George (Nominee)
  • GoEast: Award of the Federal Foreign Office (Winner)

These accolades highlight the film’s ability to touch the hearts of viewers and its artistic merit. “At the River” stands as a testament to Eva Neymann’s directorial prowess and storytelling finesse, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate heartwarming and thought-provoking cinema.