Fan Weitang (Chinese: 范维唐; 18 July 1935 – 1 January 2023) was a distinguished Chinese engineer and politician who left a lasting impact on the fields of coal industry and engineering. He also held the prestigious title of academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Early Life and Education

Fan Weitang was born on 18 July 1935 in Beijing, China. Although he was born in Beijing, his ancestral roots traced back to Ezhou, Hubei. His family had a strong tradition of intellectual pursuits. His father, Fan Zhilun (范治纶), was a respected water conservancy educator, and his younger brother, Fan Weicheng, also achieved the esteemed status of being a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Fan Weitang’s educational journey was marked by a dedication to learning. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Mining Department of Beijing Iron and Steel University (now known as the University of Science and Technology Beijing) in 1956. His quest for knowledge led him to further studies at Beijing University of Foreign Languages and the Beijing Institute of Mining (now the China University of Mining and Technology). In 1959, he pursued postgraduate studies at the Moscow Institute of Mining in the Soviet Union.

Professional Career

Upon returning to China in 1963, Fan Weitang became a valuable member of the China Coal Research Institute, where he applied his expertise and skills to the field of coal research and engineering. His contributions to the institute played a pivotal role in advancing the coal industry in China.

Throughout his career, Fan Weitang achieved significant milestones. In 1986, he was appointed as the chief engineer of the Ministry of Coal Industry, demonstrating his remarkable leadership and technical prowess. His dedication to the coal industry was further recognized when he assumed the role of vice minister in 1993.

Political Involvement

Fan Weitang was not only a respected engineer but also a prominent figure in Chinese politics. He served as a member of both the 8th and 9th National Committees of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. His political contributions were marked by a commitment to the betterment of his country.


On 1 January 2023, Fan Weitang tragically succumbed to COVID-19 in Beijing, China. He was 87 years old at the time of his passing. His legacy in the fields of engineering and politics continues to be remembered and celebrated, and his contributions to China’s coal industry and academia remain an enduring part of his remarkable life.