Hadino Hishongwa was brought into the world on April 10, 1943 at Odibo and died on August 31, 2023) he was a Namibian previous legislator. An establishing individual from SWAPO, Hishongwa was SWAPO’s central delegate to Scandinavia, West Germany and Austria from 1977-83 during the Namibian Conflict of Freedom.

Hishongwa was delegated appointee clergyman of Work and Labor supply Improvement upon Freedom of Namibia in 1990. In 1995 he was moved to the Young and Game service, again as agent serve. He stood firm on this foothold until 2005.

Hishongwa was an individual from the Public Gathering of Namibia with SWAPO from the constituent get together in 1989 until the finish of the third Public Get together in 2005. After that Hishongwa was designated High Chief to adjoining Botswana. In April 2011, he was supplanted in Botswana by the previous representative to South Africa, Philemon Kambala.

Hishongwa was recently hitched to individual SWAPO dissident Ndeutala Angolo, with whom he has two kids.
Hadino Hishongwa died at 80 years of age.
On Legends’ Day 2014 he was presented the Superb Request of the Falcon, Five star.