László Kutas (17 April 1936 – 12 September 2023) was an iconic figure in the realm of contemporary Hungarian sculptural art. Renowned for his figurative sculptures, commemorative coins, medals, and public and private statues, Kutas left a lasting imprint across various international platforms.


Born in Budapest, Hungary, Kutas attended several educational institutions including Gymnasium of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Budapest, Free School of Ernő Ágoston, and Dániel Berzsenyi Gimnázium, Sopron. He honed his skills as a sculptor under the mentorship of Tamás Gyenes and Pál Pátzai at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest from 1954 to 1960.


Kutas received multiple awards and honors throughout his career:

  • 1974: 1st Prize in “Giorgio Vasari” Florence International Medal Competition (Italy)
  • 1976: Special Prize in “Silver Spear” competition
  • 1979: Silver Medal in Dante Biennale, Ravenna (Italy)
  • 1983: Prize in “Karl Marx competition,” Budapest (Hungary)
  • 1983: International jury membership of the “Dante Small Sculpture Biennale” in Ravenna (Italy)
  • 1991, 1995: Vilmos Rosz Prize, Sopron (Hungary)
  • 1994: Prize Bernath Venlo (The Netherlands)
  • 2003: “Pro Cultura Sopron” award, Sopron (Hungary)

Commemorative Coins

Kutas designed a series of commemorative coins, including:

  • 1981: Bartók 500 Forint’s silver coin
  • 1984: Kőrösi Csoma Sándor 100 Forint’s alpacca coin
  • 1986: Mexico Football World Cup 500 Forint’s silver coin
  • 1987: Seoul Olympic Games 500 Forint’s silver coin
  • 1990: Mathias Rex 5000 Forint’s gold coin
  • 1995: Atlanta Olympic Games 1000 Forint’s silver coin


Kutas displayed his artwork in several exhibitions across the world. Notable exhibitions included:

  • 1971: Madách Theatre, Budapest (Hungary)
  • 1975: Wiener Neustadt Galerie 9, Austria
  • 1991: Hungarian Cultural Centre, Warsaw (Poland)
  • 1994: Exhibition at the Kunsthandel P. Breughel in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • 2003: City Library of Vác and the Aladár Mühl Exhibition Hall of Sopron (Hungary)


Kutas’ sculptures and artwork are displayed in museums and collections globally, including Windsor Palace in London, International Coin Corporation in New York, Royal Collection of Medals in Stockholm, Sweden, National Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, City Collection in Florence, Italy, and the Centro Dantesco in Ravenna, Italy. Kutas was also an international jury member of the Dante Small Sculpture Biennale in Ravenna, Italy.

Kutas passed away on 12 September 2023, but his legacy lives on through his art, awards, and contributions to the field of sculpture.