Luis Alejandro Giampietri Rojas (31 December 1940 – 4 October 2023) was a prominent figure in Peruvian politics and the Peruvian Navy. His career spanned both military and political roles, and he left a lasting impact on the country. Let’s explore the life and achievements of Luis Giampietri.

Early Life and Education

Luis Giampietri was born in the Bellavista neighborhood of the Callao region, Peru, to Luis Giampietri Berenice and Rosa Rojas Lapoint. He received his education at the Colegio de la Inmaculada and the San José Maristas schools in Lima and Callao, respectively. His educational journey laid the foundation for his future career.

Giampietri entered the Naval School of Peru, where he graduated as a Bachelor of Naval Sciences in 1960. He continued to pursue specialized training in areas such as Navy Diving, Demolition, Special Operations, and General Staff Courses. His dedication and commitment to his naval career would see him rise through the ranks over the years.

Navy Career

Luis Giampietri’s naval career was marked by significant achievements and leadership roles. In 1987, during the government of Alan García, he was appointed Commander of the Center Special Operations Group, showcasing his expertise in special operations and leadership abilities. As a full member of the Navy, he achieved the rank of Vice Admiral and eventually became the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy during the Second Government of Alberto Fujimori.

One of his notable contributions was the founding of the Navy Special Operations Force, highlighting his commitment to enhancing the capabilities of the Peruvian Navy.

The Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis

Luis Giampietri’s leadership and bravery were tested during the Japanese embassy hostage crisis in 1996. He was taken hostage by the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) during this crisis. Giampietri’s role was instrumental in the success of the rescue operation. He provided critical intelligence to the Peruvian military, distributing bugged items within the building and maintaining communication with the military via radio.

Political Career

Giampietri’s foray into politics began with his involvement in the 2006 general elections in Peru. He ran successfully as the 1st Vice President of the Republic alongside Alan García. He was sworn in before the Congress of the Republic and served from 2006 to 2011. Additionally, Giampietri was elected as a Congressman representing the Constitutional Province of Callao for the 2006–2011 term. During his time in parliament, he presided over the Intelligence Commission and served on the Defense and Production Commissions.


Luis Giampietri’s career was not without controversy. He was one of the naval officers implicated in the massacre on El Frontón, a prison island off the coast of Callao. This incident, which occurred in 1986, raised concerns about extrajudicial executions. His links with the Fujimori regime and allegations of corruption were also subjects of criticism.


Giampietri received recognition from Japan in the form of the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun in 2011.

Luis Alejandro Giampietri Rojas made significant contributions to both the Peruvian Navy and politics. His life was marked by a commitment to public service and leadership in challenging situations. His passing on 4 October 2023 marked the end of an era, but his legacy continues to be a subject of discussion in Peru.