Matevos Asatryan, a prominent Armenian politician and member of the National Assembly, passed away on November 6, 2023, leaving a void in Armenian politics and society. In this article, we pay tribute to his life, career, and contributions to his homeland.

Early Life and Education

Matevos Asatryan was born on December 2, 1985, in the village of Kuchak in the Aragatsotn province of Armenia. From a young age, he showed a strong sense of dedication and commitment to his country, which would later define his career.

After completing his basic education, Asatryan made a significant choice in 2003 by joining the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. This decision reflected his deep patriotism and the desire to serve his nation.

Academic Pursuits

Asatryan’s commitment to education was evident throughout his life. In 2008, he graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Yerevan Northern University. This academic foundation provided him with valuable knowledge and skills that would prove essential in his future roles.

Contribution to Sports

In 2012, Matevos Asatryan assumed the role of director at the Mihrdat Asatryan junior sports school. This position allowed him to combine his passion for sports with his commitment to youth development. He also took the initiative to undergo advanced training in European sport clubs, including “Lud Club de Nitz” and “Kavi Gal,” enhancing his expertise in sports education.

Political Journey

Asatryan’s political journey began in 2019 when he became a Member of the National Assembly. He represented the territorial electoral list of the electoral district #7 of the “My Step” alliance of parties. During his tenure, he served on the Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture, and Environment of the National Assembly. As a member of the “My Step” faction, he actively contributed to the legislative process.

His dedication to public service did not go unnoticed. On June 20, 2021, Matevos Asatryan was elected as a Member of the National Assembly from the national electoral list of the “Civil Contract” party. This achievement further underscored his commitment to making a positive impact on Armenia’s political landscape.

Family and Personal Life

Outside of his political and professional commitments, Matevos Asatryan was a loving family man. He was married and had three children, a testament to his devotion not only to his country but also to his loved ones.

A Sudden Loss

The news of Matevos Asatryan’s unexpected passing has shaken the Armenian political community and the nation as a whole. His untimely death at the age of 38 leaves behind a legacy of service and dedication that will be remembered for years to come.

Condolences from NA Speaker Alen Simonyan

Upon hearing the sad news, NA speaker Alen Simonyan extended his heartfelt condolences on Facebook. The loss of Matevos Asatryan is deeply felt by his colleagues and fellow politicians, highlighting the impact he had on the political arena in Armenia.

Matevos Asatryan will be remembered not only for his political achievements but also for his unwavering dedication to Armenia and its people. His sudden departure is a loss to the nation, but his legacy of service, commitment, and love for his country will continue to inspire others in their pursuit of a better Armenia. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.