The President of the Republic of Moldova is the ceremonial head of state of Moldova, with most political power held by the parliament and the prime minister. However, the president plays a crucial role in representing Moldova on the international stage and can influence public policy through public discourse. Here are some key aspects of the presidency in Moldova:

Current President: Maia Sandu has been serving as the President of Moldova since December 24, 2020.

Duties and Functions:

  • The president’s role is largely ceremonial, but they represent Moldova internationally and can influence foreign relations.
  • The Presidential Administration, appointed by the president, facilitates communication between the government and the presidency.
  • The Supreme Security Council advises the president on foreign policy.


  • The president is elected in a two-round direct election, with a runoff between the top two candidates if no one receives a majority in the first round.
  • In 2000, the constitution was amended to allow the parliament to elect the president, but this was later ruled unconstitutional, returning the process to a popular vote.
  • A president’s term lasts four years, with a maximum of two terms.

Constitutional Position:

  • The president is the head of state and represents the state, guaranteeing national sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

Acting President:

  • An acting president steps in when the president is temporarily unable to fulfill their duties, with the president of parliament or the prime minister taking on this role.

Suspension from Office:

  • The president can be suspended from office by parliament if they commit serious offenses against constitutional provisions, with a two-thirds majority required.
  • If suspended, a national referendum is held within 30 days to remove the president from office.


  • The president’s office may become vacant due to the end of the presidential term, resignation, removal, incapacity, or death.
  • A new president is elected within three months of the office becoming vacant.

Presidential Standard:

  • The presidential standard consists of the Moldovan Coat of Arms on a purple background with a border in the national colors.
  • Regulations for the standard are approved by the president.

Band and Music:

  • The official march of the presidency is “Marș de Întîmpinare «La Mulți ani»” (Slow March «To many years»).
  • The Presidential Band serves during state functions and ceremonies.

Office of the President:

  • The Presidential Administration includes various advisors and staff members who assist the president in carrying out their duties.

Moldova has had several presidents since its independence, with each contributing to the country’s political landscape. The role of the president, though largely ceremonial, holds significance in representing Moldova on the global stage and maintaining national unity and sovereignty.