Formed in 1989 in Newcastle, Australia, The Screaming Jets are a hard rock band that has made a significant mark on the Australian rock music scene. With their energetic performances and catchy songs, they’ve earned a dedicated fan base and are celebrated for their contributions to the genre.

The Founding Members The band’s original lineup consisted of:

  • Dave Gleeson (Vocals)
  • Paul Woseen (Bass Guitar)
  • Grant Walmsley (Guitar)
  • Richard Lara (Guitar)
  • Brad Heaney (Drums)

These musicians came together with a shared passion for rock music and a desire to create a sound that would resonate with audiences across Australia and beyond.

Early Success The Screaming Jets wasted no time in making their presence felt in the Australian music scene. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1990, quickly garnered attention. Songs like “Better” and “C’Mon” became instant hits, showcasing the band’s knack for crafting anthemic rock tunes.

“All for One” In 1991, The Screaming Jets released their second album, “All for One,” which would become a pivotal moment in their career. The album featured the hit single “Better,” which remains one of their most recognized songs. “All for One” received critical acclaim and achieved platinum status, solidifying the band’s reputation as hard rock pioneers.

Energetic Live Performances One of The Screaming Jets’ defining characteristics is their electrifying live performances. Dave Gleeson’s charismatic stage presence and powerful vocals, combined with the band’s tight instrumentation, make their concerts an unforgettable experience. They’ve consistently toured and performed, building a dedicated fan base that revels in their energetic shows.

Evolution and Continued Success Over the years, The Screaming Jets have released several albums, each showcasing their musical evolution. Songs like “Shivers” and “Eve of Destruction” have continued to resonate with audiences, while newer material keeps their sound fresh and relevant.

Legacy The Screaming Jets have left an indelible mark on Australian hard rock. Their dedication to the genre and their ability to craft memorable songs have earned them a lasting place in the annals of Australian rock history. With a career spanning decades, they remain a beloved and influential force in the world of hard rock music.

Aussie Rock Icons As Aussie rock icons, The Screaming Jets’ music continues to inspire new generations of rock enthusiasts. Their commitment to their craft and their electrifying performances ensure that their legacy lives on, making them a cherished part of Australia’s rich musical heritage.