Willy Pfund, born on 18 August 1939 and passing away on 18 October 2023, was a prominent figure in Swiss politics, representing the Liberal Party. Throughout his career, Pfund showcased dedication in both the healthcare and political arenas, leaving a notable imprint on Swiss society.

Early Life and Career: Pfund was born in the quaint town of Herbetswil. His professional journey saw him take on the role of a hospital director in the city of Basel. He chose Dornach as his place of residence.

Political Endeavors: In 1983, Pfund‘s political aspirations bore fruit when he was elected to the National Council under the banner of the Liberal Party. His ambitions didn’t stop there. He contested for a seat on the Executive Council of Solothurn, going head-to-head with FDP politician Cornelia Füeg. Despite his efforts, victory eluded him, leading to his eventual withdrawal from active political life.

Advocacy and Controversies: In 2002, Pfund took on a pivotal role as the president of ProTell, an association championing the right to own firearms in Switzerland. While the organization had its supporters, Pfund faced criticism for his leadership approach, which many deemed autocratic. This led to his resignation from the presidential position in September 2016. Despite the controversies, his contributions to ProTell were recognized when he was named honorary president in 2018. Jean-Luc Addor succeeded him as president.

Passing Away: The Swiss political landscape lost a significant figure with the passing of Willy Pfund on 18 October 2023. He was 84 years old, leaving behind a legacy of dedication to public service and advocacy.

Willy Pfund‘s journey, from serving as a hospital director to advocating for firearm rights, paints a picture of a man deeply committed to his beliefs. While his leadership style might have been a topic of debate, his dedication to Swiss society remains undeniable. He remains a notable figure in the annals of Swiss politics and advocacy.