Anjali Singh: Remembering a Tragic Loss

Anjali Singh, a young Indian woman, met a tragic end on January 1, 2023, in a harrowing road traffic collision that shook the nation. Her untimely demise, often referred to as the 2023 Delhi hit-and-run case or the Kanjhawala case, left a profound impact both within India and across the globe.

A Life Cut Short

Anjali Singh, at the tender age of 20, had her whole life ahead of her. Born into a family of eight in the Mangolpuri area of Delhi, she was the second of six siblings. Tragically, Anjali’s father had passed away eight years before her own untimely death in 2023.

Times were tough for the Singh family, especially with Anjali’s mother, Rekha, working as an assistant in a school and losing her job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, Anjali made the brave decision to discontinue her schooling to provide financial support for her family. She pursued a career as a make-up artist and was known for her vibrant presence on social media, particularly on Instagram Reels.

Anjali’s determination knew no bounds, and she also worked as an usher for an event management company, often assisting at weddings in exchange for daily remuneration.

A Fateful New Year’s Night

The heart-wrenching incident occurred on the early morning of January 1, 2023, following a New Year’s party. Anjali, along with her friend Nidhi, left the Vivan Palace OYO hotel at approximately 1:30 am. Their joyous celebration soon turned into a devastating tragedy.

As they were riding a scooter through the Sultanpuri area of Delhi, tragedy struck. Anjali’s scooter was struck by a grey Suzuki Baleno car occupied by five individuals. In a horrifying turn of events, her leg became trapped in the car’s axle, and she was mercilessly dragged for several kilometers.

The occupants of the car, who later admitted to being intoxicated with alcohol, panicked and callously fled the scene without rendering any assistance to the gravely injured Anjali. Despite her friend Nidhi being the scooter’s pillion rider, she miraculously escaped unharmed.

Anjali’s lifeless, naked body was discovered near Hanuman Mandir at Jonti village in Sultanpuri, sending shockwaves throughout the community. Her remains were transported to the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Mangolpuri, Delhi, where a post-mortem examination revealed the tragic cause of her death: “shock and haemorrhage due to injury to the head, spine, left femur, and both lower limbs.” The autopsy documented a staggering 40 injuries on her body, bearing witness to the horror of her final moments.

The perpetrators, who were under the influence of alcohol, were subsequently apprehended, and the legal process began. Anjali’s heart-wrenching story serves as a stark reminder of the need for road safety and responsible behavior on our roads, echoing far beyond the borders of Delhi.