Anton Tus: A Remarkable Life of Service and Leadership.

Anton Tus was a notable figure in Croatian military history, serving as a general with a distinguished career that spanned several decades. Born on November 22, 1931, he made significant contributions to the Yugoslav Air Force and played a pivotal role in the early years of the newly independent Croatia. On September 4, 2023, at the age of 91, Tus passed away in Zagreb, leaving behind a legacy of service and dedication.

Early Life and Military Education

Anton Tus was a product of the Yugoslav Air Force Academy, where he received his military education. His journey into the world of aviation and military leadership began there, setting the stage for his future accomplishments.

Rise in the Yugoslav Air Force

Tus’s career in the Yugoslav Air Force was marked by various notable assignments. From 1968 to 1969, he held the position of commander of the 204th Fighter Aviation Regiment, stationed at the prestigious Batajnica Air Base. This role allowed him to gain valuable experience and expertise in aviation and combat operations.

Later, he assumed command of the 5th Air Force and Air Defence Corps, based in SR Croatia. This position underscored his rising prominence within the Yugoslav Air Force.

Leadership in Troubled Times

In 1985, Anton Tus achieved a significant milestone when he was promoted to become the head of the Yugoslav Air Force. He held this prestigious post for several years, overseeing the air defense and operations of the Yugoslav military.

However, the turbulent times in the Balkans during the early 1990s led to the breakup of Yugoslavia and Tus’s dramatic defection in May 1991. His decision was a pivotal moment in his career as it marked his transition to a new phase of service.

Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces

Following his defection, Tus embraced a leadership role in the newly formed Croatian Armed Forces. From September 1991 to November 1992, he served as the first Chief of the General Staff. During this period, Croatia was embroiled in the Croatian War of Independence, a challenging time for the young nation.

Tus’s tenure in this role was marked by his unwavering dedication to Croatia’s security and defense. However, his principled stance against Minister of Defence Gojko Šušak’s policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina led to his departure from the position, succeeded by General Janko Bobetko.

Continued Service and Diplomacy

Despite this change, Tus continued to contribute to Croatia’s military and diplomatic efforts. Between 1992 and 1995, he served as President Franjo Tuđman’s chief military advisor, providing critical counsel during a challenging period.

From 1995 to 2001, Tus assumed the role of leading the Defence Ministry’s Office for International Cooperation, where he played a pivotal role in building international partnerships and fostering diplomatic relations.

In 2001, Tus was appointed as the chief of the Croatian Mission to NATO, a position he held until his retirement in 2005. His contributions to NATO marked another chapter in his extensive career in military leadership and diplomacy.

A Legacy Remembered

Anton Tus was not only a military leader but also a diplomat and statesman who dedicated his life to the service of his country, Croatia. His contributions to the nation’s defense and diplomacy are remembered and honored by many. On September 4, 2023, Croatia bid farewell to this distinguished general, leaving behind a legacy of leadership, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his homeland.