Arturo “Benito” Castro Hernández (June 5, 1946 – September 11, 2023) was a multifaceted Mexican artist known for his work as a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and imitator. He gained the most fame as a comedian and as a member of the musical group Los Hermanos Castro (The Castro Brothers).

Early Life

Benito was born into a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. His father, Arturo Castro aka “El Bigoton” Castro, was a renowned Mexican comedian and actor, known for his roles during the Gold Age of Mexican Cinema. He was also a prominent figure in nightclubs and theater. Benito’s mother, Rosa Hernandez de Castro, was a homemaker. He grew up with two sisters and had a first cousin, Gualberto Castro, who was one of the original members of Los Hermanos Castro. His third cousin, Daniela Castro, is a popular Mexican TV actress.

Los Hermanos Castro

In his teenage years, Benito joined the musical group Los Hermanos Castro, which had originally started in Mexico City in the late 1950s. The group was founded by three brothers: Arturo, Javier, and Jorge Castro. A few years later, Gualberto Castro joined the group. The ensemble enjoyed immense success not just in Mexico but also in the United States, Europe, and South America.

Benito became part of the group when they were performing in Las Vegas. He joined so that if any of the Castro members needed to take time off, the group could continue performing. Benito not only sang harmony and played the guitar but also added a comedic flavor to the group’s performances. According to him, he “fell in love with a dancer in a show in Las Vegas,” subsequently marrying her and becoming a father at a young age.

After returning to Mexico, Benito continued to perform with Los Hermanos Castro and also formed a musical duo with Kiko Campos. Known as “Benito and Kiko,” the duo played in nightclubs across Mexico and recorded albums.

Television Career

In the realm of television, Benito created the character “Kin Kin from Acapulco” for the Mexican TV show La Carabina de Ambrosio, which ran from 1979 to 1983. This character was a parody of Bob Denver’s role on “Gilligan’s Island.” Benito’s talent for imitation led him to another TV show, “La Ensalada de Locos” (Crazy People Salad), where he humorously mimicked public figures.

He had a working relationship with radio and TV personality Paco Stanley, and was deeply affected by Stanley’s death. Later in the 1980s, Benito wrote the theme for the TV series Anabel and continued his TV appearances into the 1990s. He teamed up with Maria Elena Saldana on Paco Stanley’s Andale!, creating the character “El Papagringo.” This led to two more TV series, La Güereja y algo más and La Güereja de mi vida, which ended in 2001.


Benito Castro passed away after a fall on September 11, 2023, at the age of 77. Despite the loss of friends and colleagues over the years, his legacy continues through the extensive work he has left behind.