Marti Maraden was brought into the world on June 22, 1945 and died on August 31, 2023, she was a Canadian entertainer and chief. Brought into the world in El Centro, California, she moved to Canada in 1968, and turned into a main entertainer at the Stratford Celebration during the 1970s.

Maraden was imaginative head of the Public Expressions Community English Auditorium in Ottawa from 1997 to 2006. While here, and emerging from her exercises in that job, the Public Expressions Place helped to establish the Attractive North Theater Celebration.

Maraden was named artistic director of the Stratford Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Ontario, in 2006 to succeed Richard Monette. Dissimilar to past imaginative chiefs at Stratford, Maraden was an individual from a three-man imaginative group, which included co-chiefs Des McAnuff and Wear Shipley until innovative contrasts constrained the three to cut off their functioning friendship.

Coordinated the play Rexy at Neptune Theater 2015. Maraden passed away on August 31, 2023, while she was in Sweden visiting family. She was 78.