Maria Carme Junyent i Figueras, better known as Carme Junyent, was a Catalan linguist renowned in her field. She was a professor of linguistics at the University of Barcelona and specialized in African languages and sociolinguistics.

Junyent studied philology at the University of Barcelona, as well as in Marburg, Cologne, and California. She later obtained her doctorate at the University of Barcelona with a thesis on African languages and their expansion.

Junyent’s work focused on the study of African languages, particularly those of the Bantu family. She conducted extensive fieldwork in Africa, and her research contributed to a better understanding of the linguistic diversity and complexity of the continent.

She also worked on sociolinguistics, studying the relationship between language and society, and the role of language in social and cultural change.

Junyent was a highly respected scholar and made significant contributions to the field of linguistics. Her work has had a lasting impact on the study of African languages and sociolinguistics, and she is remembered as one of the most influential linguists of her generation.