Dermot Keogh (12 May 1945 – 6 September 2023) was a revered name in the annals of European history. He held the prestigious title of Professor of History at University College Cork. Further amplifying his reputation in academic circles, he was also the Emeritus Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration Studies at the same institution.


Over the years, Dermot Keogh enriched the world of history with his profound research and a range of insightful publications. Here’s a brief look into some of his notable works:

  1. Keogh, Dermot (2007). “The Catholic Church, the Holy See and the 1916 Rising”. This work was featured in 1916: the long revolution, edited by Gabriel Doherty and published by Mercier Press in Cork. The specific section penned by Keogh spans pages 250-309.
  2. Church and Politics in Latin America – This work delves deep into the intricate relationship between religious institutions and political systems in the Latin American region. ISBN: 0-312-02815-6
  3. Ireland and Europe, 1919 – 1948 – A comprehensive overview of Ireland’s relations and its role within Europe during a period marked by significant changes. ISBN: 0-389-20803-5
  4. Ireland and the Vatican: The Politics and Diplomacy of Church-State Relations 1922-1960 – Dermot Keogh studies the complex diplomacy and interactions between the Irish state and the Vatican during pivotal decades. ISBN: 0-902561-96-0
  5. Jews In Twentieth Century Ireland: Refugees, Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust – This work earned Keogh the 1999 James S. Donnelly Sr Prize by the American Conference for Irish Studies in the history/social science category. The book sheds light on the Jewish community’s experiences in Ireland during the 20th century. ISBN: 1-85918-150-3
  6. The Rise of the Irish Working Class: The Dublin Trade Union Movement and Labour Leadership 1890-1914 – A deep dive into the burgeoning labor movement in Ireland at the turn of the century. ISBN: 0-904651-75-4
  7. Twentieth Century Ireland: Nation and State – Keogh paints a detailed picture of Ireland as a nation and its evolving statehood during the tumultuous 20th century. ISBN: 0-7171-1624-7
  8. The Vatican, the Bishops and Irish Politics 1919-1939 – The book explores the church’s influential role in Irish politics during the period between the two world wars. ISBN: 0-521-30129-7

This bibliography provides a glimpse of Dermot Keogh’s prolific contributions to history. However, this list remains incomplete. Readers and historians alike are encouraged to expand this list, ensuring that Keogh’s legacy continues to inspire and educate generations to come.