Felicia Rodrica Sturt Taylor, born on August 28, 1964, and passed away on September 8, 2023, left an indelible mark in the field of journalism. This American anchor-correspondent became a recognizable face for many due to her role at CNN International’s World Business Today.

In addition to this, Taylor’s contributions were pivotal to the Business Updates unit of CNN. Apart from her journalistic contributions, she was known to many viewers as the co-host of Retirement Living TV’s Daily Cafe until November 2009.


Felicia was the beloved daughter of the renowned Australian-born actor Rod Taylor and his second wife, fashion model Mary Hilem. The family dynamics shifted after her parents’ divorce, leading to her adoption by Arthur Rubloff, a famed Chicago real estate developer and subsequent husband of Mary Hilem.

However, Rubloff’s life came to an end in 1986. The twists of fate didn’t end there for Taylor’s mother, who then found love with Florida real estate magnate Lewis M. Schott in 1994. The intriguing connections of this family also extend to Taylor’s stepsister, Victoria (née Schott) de Rothschild, who once held the title of the wife to British financier Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.

On the academic and professional front, Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University. Before her time with CNN, she was an integral part of CNBC as a business news anchor and correspondent. Her journalistic journey includes a stint as a weekend anchor on WNBC-TV in New York from 1998 to September 2006. Taylor also had the experience of working at Financial News Network and Financial Times TV in London, expanding her horizons across continents.

Personal Life:

On the personal side, Felicia’s life saw its share of ups and downs. March 25, 1995, marked her union with Charles Beall Schuster, a bond salesman. However, the marriage later culminated in a divorce.

Tragically, Taylor’s life was cut short on September 8, 2023, when she passed away at the age of 59.

Through her various roles and contributions, Felicia Rodrica Sturt Taylor remains a celebrated figure in the world of journalism, remembered for her dedication and the legacy she leaves behind.