Guido Rhodio, a prominent Italian politician, passed away just shy of his 88th birthday in Squillace, a town where he notably served as mayor for numerous years. The people of CATANZARO Calabria mourn the loss of this influential figure who had previously held the prestigious positions of president of the Province of Catanzaro and the Calabria Region.

A Legacy of Service

Rhodio, primarily associated with the DC (Christian Democracy party), was not just a political figure. His contributions transcended politics, and he was also recognized as a man of culture. One of his notable achievements was founding the Institute of Studies on Cassiodoro and the Middle Ages in Calabria. Politically, Rhodio was instrumental in forming the first centre-left regional council in 1992, a collaboration between the DC, PDS, and PSI parties.

Tributes Pour In

Wanda Ferro, undersecretary of the Interior, expressed her profound condolences, noting Rhodio’s dedication to his hometown of Squillace and highlighting his significant cultural contributions. Ferro revered Rhodio for his humanistic qualities, political expertise, and immense love for his region.

Nicola Fiorita, the mayor of Catanzaro, also expressed sorrow at the passing of Rhodio, recalling personal memories and praising Rhodio’s elegance, humanity, and intellectual prowess.

Leaders Share Memories

Governor Roberto Occhiuto expressed his condolences, acknowledging Rhodio’s influence on the Catholic culture and his understanding of politics as a service, always seeking constructive solutions.

President of the regional council, Filippo Mancuso, remarked on Rhodio’s significant impact on the development of the Calabrian region, praising his dedication to the principles of the Constitutional Charter.

The former president of the province of Catanzaro, Enzo Bruno, noted Rhodio’s legacy, particularly his contributions to public works and his vision for enhancing the art of ceramics in Squillace. Bruno also emphasized Rhodio’s forward-thinking political views, particularly his ability to foster collaboration between contrasting political parties.

Guido Rhodio leaves behind an unmatched legacy. Through his years of service, he touched countless lives and inspired future generations of politicians and public servants. His passing marks the end of an era, but his contributions to Calabria and beyond will be remembered for years to come.