Günter Schliwka was born on 9 May 1956 in Wolmirstedt, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. With a stature measuring 169 cm and weighing 74 kg, he was destined for physical sports. He was affiliated with ASK Vorwärts Frankfurt in Frankfurt (Oder) and represented East Germany in various international competitions.

Weightlifting Career

Early Achievements

Schliwka quickly rose to prominence in the weightlifting community. He won two bronze medals at both the 1977 European Championships and the 1977 World Championships, establishing himself as a formidable contender on the international stage.

1980 Summer Olympics

The pinnacle of his career came when he qualified for the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moskva (Moscow). Competing in the men’s middleweight event, Schliwka had high expectations. Unfortunately, he was unable to finish the competition due to not having a valid lift in the clean & jerk round. Despite the setback, his participation in the Olympics remains a significant milestone in his career.

Coaching Career

After his retirement shortly following the 1980 Summer Olympics, Schliwka transitioned into coaching. Leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge in weightlifting, he helped nurture the next generation of weightlifting talents.

Personal Life and Legacy

Günter Schliwka passed away in September 2023, at the age of 67. Though he is no longer with us, his contributions to the sport of weightlifting and his impact as a coach continue to be remembered.