“Helping Hand” is a rock anthem by the Australian band The Screaming Jets. Released in December 1993, it quickly became a favorite among fans and a notable track from their second studio album, “Tear of Thought” (1992). The song’s catchy melody and powerful lyrics helped it climb to number 25 on the ARIA charts, solidifying its place in Australian rock history.

Triple M’s “Ozzest 100” Recognition In January 2018, “Helping Hand” received further recognition when it was ranked number 56 in Triple M’s “Ozzest 100,” a list of the ‘most Australian’ songs of all time. This recognition speaks to the song’s enduring popularity and its status as a quintessential Australian rock track.

A Memorable Music Video The music video for “Helping Hand” was filmed at the iconic Battersea Power Station in London, UK, during the band’s first UK tour in 2012. This location added a unique and visually striking backdrop to the song, further enhancing its appeal.

Track Listings The CD single of “Helping Hand” (rooArt 4509941542) includes the following tracks:

  1. “Helping Hand” – 4:50
  2. “High Voltage” – 7:22
  3. “Shine On” – 8:12

These tracks offer a diverse listening experience, showcasing The Screaming Jets’ musical range and prowess.

Aussie Rock at Its Finest “Helping Hand” is a testament to The Screaming Jets’ contribution to Australian rock music. With its memorable hooks and anthemic quality, the song has become an enduring part of Australia’s rock heritage. It continues to resonate with fans, both old and new, and serves as a reminder of the band’s impact on the Aussie rock scene.