Jesús Aranzabal Ojanguren was a Spanish professional cyclist whose career spanned from 1964 to 1972. He made a significant impact in the world of professional cycling with stage wins and high overall finishes in various cycling races. Aranzabal was notably victorious in the 1966 Vuelta a Andalucía and won a stage in the 1972 Vuelta a España. He passed away on 27 September 2023 at the age of 83.

Career Highlights

Early Victories

Even before turning professional in 1964, Aranzabal showed promise by winning the overall title at the Vuelta al Bidasoa in 1963.

Peak Years

The year 1966 was a high point in his career. He won the general classification of the Vuelta a Andalucía, a prominent Spanish road cycling race. The same year, he secured the first position in Clásica a los Puertos de Guadarrama and won Stage 2 of Vuelta a Ávila.

Subsequent Achievements

In 1968, Aranzabal won Stage 3 of the Vuelta a Mallorca and finished 3rd in the National Road Race Championships. Two years later, he finished 2nd overall and won a stage at the 1970 Tour of the Basque Country.

Final Professional Years

His later years in professional cycling were marked by a stage win in the 1972 Vuelta a España, one of the sport’s Grand Tours. This was among the last of his major victories before retiring from professional cycling.

Personal Life and Death

Jesús Aranzabal Ojanguren was born on 25 December 1939. Details about his personal life are limited, but what is known is that he lived to the age of 83, passing away on 27 September 2023.

Major Results

  • 1st Overall Vuelta al Bidasoa (1963)
  • 1st Overall Vuelta a Andalucía (1966)
  • 1st Clásica a los Puertos de Guadarrama (1966)
  • 1st Stage 2 Vuelta a Ávila (1966)
  • 1st Stage 3 Vuelta a Mallorca (1968)
  • 3rd National Road Race Championships (1968)
  • 2nd Overall and stage win 1970 Tour of the Basque Country
  • Stage win 1972 Vuelta a España

Jesús Aranzabal Ojanguren was a cycling icon who left an indelible mark on Spanish and international cycling. His accomplishments on the road were significant, and he was a figure of considerable note in the sport during his professional years. Though he is no longer with us, his achievements and contributions to the world of cycling ensure that his legacy will live on.