John Stevenson (1937 – September 2023): The Remarkable Journey of a British Screenwriter.

John Stevenson was not just any British screenwriter; he was a name synonymous with some of the iconic works in British television. Born in 1937, Stevenson’s life and career were marked by dedication, transformation, and notable contributions, especially to Britain’s longest-running soap opera, Coronation Street.

Early Career

Before diving into the world of screenwriting, Stevenson began his professional journey as a newspaper journalist. However, as the 1960s waned, he felt the call of a different narrative form and transitioned into screenwriting.

Notable Works

Between 1976 and 2006, Stevenson became a regular contributor to Coronation Street. His dedication to the show and his innate ability to weave captivating stories made him a staple in the world of British soap operas.

But his portfolio didn’t stop there. In collaboration with another Coronation Street scriptwriter, Julian Roach, the duo penned the popular comedy drama, Brass, during the 1980s.

In 1994, Stevenson took a comedic turn and co-wrote the sitcom, Mother’s Ruin, which starred the talented Roy Barraclough. Despite its promise, the sitcom didn’t manage to grab high ratings and was confined to a single series.

Moreover, Stevenson showcased his versatility by contributing to various other series, which included:

  • The Last of the Baskets
  • Nearest and Dearest
  • How’s Your Father?
  • The Brothers McGregor
  • Oh Doctor Beeching!


A testament to his incredible contribution to the world of television was when he was honored with the Special Achievement Award at the 2005 British Soap Awards.

John Stevenson’s contributions to British television have been monumental. From journalism to shaping the stories of Coronation Street for three decades and creating other remarkable series, his legacy is truly noteworthy. While he may have passed away in September 2023, his stories, characters, and influence will forever resonate in the world of entertainment.