Early Life

Albert Frederick Arthur George was born on December 14, 1895, at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England. He was the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. His older brother, Edward VIII, was the heir to the throne.

George was a shy and introverted child. He was not as academically gifted as his brother, and he struggled with a stutter. However, he was a kind and compassionate person, and he was popular with his classmates.

In 1914, World War I broke out. George served in the Royal Navy during the war, and he was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery. After the war, he married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the daughter of the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. They had two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret.


In 1936, George’s brother, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcée. George became king on December 11, 1936. He took the regnal name of George VI.

George’s reign was marked by the outbreak of World War II. He led the country through the war, and he became a symbol of hope and strength for the British people. In 1945, the war ended with the defeat of Nazi Germany.

After the war, George’s health began to decline. He had lung cancer, and he had to have a lung removed in 1951. He died on February 6, 1952, at the age of 56. His daughter, Elizabeth, succeeded him as queen.


George VI is remembered as a kind and compassionate king who led the country through a difficult time. He was a popular figure, and he is still revered by many people today.


  • Sandringham House
  • Norfolk, England


  • King George V
  • Queen Mary
  • King Edward VIII
  • Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
  • Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
  • Princess Elizabeth
  • Princess Margaret
  • King George VI
  • Wallis Simpson
  • Nazi Germany
  • Queen Elizabeth II