Kjell-Rune “Mille” Milton (26 May 1948 – 6 September 2023) remains a name etched in the annals of ice hockey history. Born in Sweden, this outstanding athlete played an instrumental role in shaping the era of ice hockey during his peak years.

Early Life and Career

Born on 26 May 1948, Milton’s passion for ice hockey was evident from his early years. He embarked on what would become a stellar professional career, quickly making a mark as an exceptional defenceman. His dedication to the sport and innate skills soon caught the attention of many, leading him to represent his homeland on the grandest of stages.

1972 Winter Olympics: A Remarkable Feat

Perhaps the crowning glory of Milton’s career was his participation in the 1972 Winter Olympics held in Japan. Selected as a key player for the Sweden men’s national ice hockey team, his contribution was pivotal in the games. The Olympics are always a grand stage, and for any player, representing their country is the highest honor. For Milton, this was no exception. His stellar performance and dedication during these games are fondly remembered by fans and fellow players alike.


Kjell-Rune “Mille” Milton passed away on 6 September 2023, but his contributions to the sport of ice hockey continue to inspire many. His legacy as a defenceman is a testament to his skill, determination, and love for the game. For many in Sweden and beyond, he will always be remembered as a beacon of excellence in the world of professional ice hockey.

In conclusion, the world of ice hockey has been enriched by the likes of Milton. His name, accomplishments, and the memories he left behind will continue to shine brightly in the hearts of hockey enthusiasts for generations to come.