Lemoine Gardner Ketcham, born on December 25, 1927, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, was an American singer, dancer, and record producer. He is better known by his stage name, Lee Halliday. Ketcham started his career in music hall productions as a singer and dancer.

The Hallydays and Marriage

During a tour in London, Ketcham met Menen and Desta Mar, dancers and paternal cousins of Johnny Hallyday. Together, they formed an acrobatic dance trio called “The Hallydays.” Ketcham married Desta Mar, but the couple later divorced in the 1970s. They had two children: Carol-Makéda Ketcham and Michael Ketcham Halliday.

Relationship with Johnny Hallyday

While on tour with the Mar sisters, Ketcham met Johnny Hallyday. They formed a “father and son” bond that lasted a lifetime. Inspired by Elvis Presley, Johnny chose his stage name after Ketcham’s own stage name. In 1961, Ketcham became Hallyday’s agent after Johnny signed with Philips Records. He produced almost all of Hallyday’s songs from 1961 to 1975. His name last appeared on a Johnny Hallyday album in 1979, titled Pavillon de Paris: Porte de Pantin.

Other Collaborations

Aside from Johnny Hallyday, Ketcham also worked as an artistic producer for other artists like Les Lionceaux, Herbert Léonard, Nanette Workman, Lucky Blondo, and William Sheller.

Later Life and Death

Lee Halliday lived in London with his wife until her death in 2018. He then moved to Marseille to live with his daughter, Carol-Makéda Ketcham. He passed away on September 5, 2023, at the age of 95.