Mack C. Chase, born on April 29, 1931, was an American oil and natural gas businessman who left an indelible mark on the oilfields of the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico. His life story is one of perseverance, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to become a prominent figure in the energy industry.

Early Life and Beginnings

Mack C. Chase was the fourth of eight children born to Edgar and Marie Chase. His journey in the oil industry began at a remarkably young age, as he started working in the field at just 14 years old. After graduating from Artesia High School in 1950, Chase embarked on a career that would shape his future.

In 1951, he temporarily put his career on hold to serve in the US Army as an A&E mechanic, demonstrating his commitment to his country alongside his dedication to the oil industry.

A Life in the Oilfields

Chase’s early years in the oil industry were marked by hard labor alongside his father and brother, George. However, in 1968, he took a significant step forward by starting his own business. This marked the beginning of a remarkable entrepreneurial journey that would see him rise to prominence in the oil and gas sector.

One of the pivotal moments in Chase’s career came in 1979 when he entered into a partnership with John R. Gray. Together, they founded Marbob Energy, a pumping services company that later expanded into drilling operations. While their partnership thrived, it eventually came to an end in 1991.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Mack C. Chase founded Mack Energy, a company that would make significant strides in the oil and gas industry. In 2007, Mack Energy made headlines when it sold a substantial portion of its property to Concho Resources, solidifying Chase’s status as a prominent figure in the energy sector.

A Legacy of Wealth and Success

Mack C. Chase’s influence extended beyond the oilfields. He was the owner of Chase Farms and Deerhorn Aviation, showcasing his diversified business interests. In June 2017, he held the distinction of being the richest person in New Mexico, a testament to the success he achieved throughout his career.

Personal Life and Family

In 1953, at the age of 22, Mack Chase married Marilyn Yvonne Stack when she was 18 years old. Their enduring love story resulted in three children: Robert, Richard, and Gerene. Tragically, Marilyn passed away in 2016, shortly after celebrating their remarkable 63rd wedding anniversary.

Throughout his life, Mack C. Chase called Artesia, New Mexico, his home, staying connected to his roots and the community he cared deeply for.

A Farewell to a Titan

On October 2, 2023, at the age of 92, Mack C. Chase bid farewell to the world, leaving behind a legacy of business acumen, determination, and unwavering commitment to the oil and gas industry. His remarkable journey from a young oilfield worker to a wealthy and influential figure serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the American dream.