Maria Jiménez Gallego, born on 3 February 1950 and passing away on 7 September 2023, was a cherished Spanish singer known for her powerful vocals and enduring presence in the music industry.


Born in the vibrant district of Triana, Seville, María took her first steps towards her destiny in Barcelona. She moved there at just 15, initially working as a housemaid. Soon, she began showcasing her talent in tablaos, performing first in Barcelona and then in the capital, Madrid.

By 1976, María was recording her debut album, featuring a rich tapestry of rumbas, tangos, bulerías, boleros, rancheras, and ballads. With arrangements by Paco Cepero, the album included compositions from acclaimed artists like Silvio Rodríguez, Lolita de la Colina, and Amancio Prada. This was soon followed by albums like Sensación and various compilations.

A major turning point in her career was her collaboration on the song La lista de la compra with La cabra mecánica and her album Donde más duele with songs penned by Joaquín Sabina.

María’s personal life had its shares of highs and lows. She was married and divorced twice to actor Pepe Sancho, with whom she had a son, Alejandro. She also had a daughter, María del Rocío, from a previous relationship who tragically passed away in a traffic accident.

Not one to shy away from pressing issues, María was a vocal advocate against piracy, even participating in the 2002 ‘Day Without Music’ protest.

Her talents were not confined to singing. She penned her biography, acted in films and sitcoms, notably Todos los hombres sois iguales, and even presented the TV program Bienaventurados on Canal Sur.

Partial Discography:

  • Bienaventurados (2006)
  • Genio y figura (2005)
  • Háblame En la cama – Lo mejor
  • Canta Jose Alfredo Jimenez (2005)
  • De María a María con sus dolores (2003)
  • Donde más duele – Canta por Sabina (2002)
  • 40 grandes canciones (2000) compilation
  • Eres como eres (1995)
  • Átame a tu cuerpo (1993)
  • Rocios (1988)
  • Alma Salvaje (1987)
  • … (more titles spanning back to 1975)


  • Yo, puta (2003)
  • Los managers (2006)

María Jiménez Gallego‘s death in 2023 marked the end of an era, but her songs and her legacy in Spanish music continue to resonate with fans all over the world.