Max Simeoni (28 August 1929 – 9 September 2023) stands out as a significant figure in French Corsican history, both for his contributions in medicine and his political career. A physician by training, Simeoni’s influence extended far beyond the medical world. His most notable political roles include serving as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 1989 to 1994.

Early Life and Career

Max Simeoni hailed from the picturesque island of Corsica, which boasts a rich history and distinct culture. Born in 1929, he went on to become a physician, but the world soon realized his potential in the political arena.

Stint in the European Parliament

In 1989, Simeoni took a pivotal step in his political journey when he was elected to the European Parliament. He represented the Union of the Corsican People, an autonomist faction, and was on the list of the French Greens led by Antoine Waechter.

Simeoni’s tenure in the European Parliament saw him working closely with François Alfonsi as his parliamentary assistant. It’s interesting to note that Alfonsi later treaded on a similar path, becoming an MEP himself in 2009.

Not one to always follow the established norms, Simeoni made a significant decision during his time as an MEP. Along with Djida Tazdaït, another non-Green MEP elected on the same list, Simeoni declined to follow the Greens’ tourniquet rule. This rule required every elected official to step down at mid-term to discourage long-term political careers.

Later Political Endeavors

Post his time as an MEP, Simeoni continued to be actively involved in politics. In the 1994 European elections, he led the autonomist list, Régions et peuples solidaires. However, the list could not reach the required 5% electoral threshold to secure a position. In 1995, Simeoni also aspired to be a candidate in the French presidential election but did not succeed.

A notable facet of Simeoni’s personal life was his relationship with his brother, Edmond Simeoni, who was a prominent Corsican autonomist leader.

Max Simeoni passed away on 9 September 2023, aged 94. Throughout his life, he showcased unwavering commitment to his beliefs, both in the medical and political spheres. Today, he is remembered not just for his individual achievements but for the legacy he left behind.