Mohammed Amery (September 20, 1954 – October 19, 2023) was a respected figure in Canadian politics, known for his dedication and service to the people of Alberta. Here’s a detailed overview of his life and career:

Early Life

Born as Mohammed Amiri in Lebanon on September 20, 1954, he adopted the name Mohammed Amery between 1989 and 1993. In 1974, he migrated to Canada and pursued his studies at the University of Alberta from 1975 to 1977. Following his education, he moved to Calgary and embarked on a career as a realtor, a profession he continued until his election to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in 1993.

Provincial Politics

Electoral Record

Amery’s political journey wasn’t without its challenges. He faced defeats in the 1986 and 1989 elections in Calgary-Forest Lawn. However, his persistence paid off in 1993 when he secured a significant victory in Calgary-East. Thereafter, he enjoyed consecutive wins in the 1997, 2001, 2004, and 2008 elections.

Legislative Initiatives

Throughout his career, Amery was a proactive legislator. In 1994, he introduced two versions of the Maintenance Enforcement Amendment Act. The first aimed to enforce child support payments by restricting vehicle registrations and driver’s license renewals for defaulters. The second bill extended these provisions and addressed issues related to joint bank accounts. Another noteworthy effort was his attempt to mandate kindergarten in primary education through the School Amendment Act and the School (Early Childhood Services) Amendment Act. Additionally, in 1996, he sponsored the Wildlife Amendment Act, emphasizing the protection of endangered species and enhancing regulations for hunters.

Committee Duties

Amery’s dedication was evident in his extensive committee work. He chaired and co-chaired several committees, including the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee and the Secondary Suites Committee. Furthermore, he served on numerous standing committees and advisory committees, showcasing his commitment to diverse aspects of governance.

Political Views

Amery was known for voicing his constituents’ concerns, even if it meant differing from his party’s stance. He highlighted issues like school maintenance funding and the need for rent controls in urban Alberta.

Passport Incident

In 2002, Amery faced allegations related to acting as a guarantor for a passport application. The case went to trial in 2005, with charges eventually being stayed.

Federal Politics

Amery’s political ambitions extended to the federal realm when, in December 2017, he announced his intention to challenge sitting MP Deepak Obhrai for the nomination in Calgary Forest Lawn.

Personal Life and Death

Amery’s personal life was marked by his close-knit family. He was married to Mary, and together they raised five children: Mickey, Lila, Leena, Laura, and Malaak. Mickey followed in his father’s footsteps, securing a seat in the Alberta Legislature in 2019. Amery was also an active community member, contributing to various community associations in Calgary-East. He drew inspiration from Winston Churchill, whom he regarded as his political hero.

Tragically, Moe Amery passed away on October 19, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and service in Canadian politics.