Răzvan Gorcinski, the former drummer of the renowned Romanian band Proconsul, has tragically passed away at the age of 42. The artist had been admitted to the hospital due to septicemia. The heartbreaking news was shared by the band members themselves on their Facebook page.

The message from the Proconsul band on Facebook read: “Unfortunately, Răzvan, our friend and brother, is no longer with us. Fortunately, he’s in a better place, where he can rest after years of traveling and thousands of concerts. May God rest your soul, Răzvan, and comfort and strengthen your family.”

Florența Marin, Răzvan’s former agent from Pact by Leo Iorga & Adi Ordean and SCHIMBUL3, conveyed on Facebook that Răzvan was in critical condition due to septicemia. She wrote, “Let us gather our thoughts and prayers around a special person, a talented artist, and a beautiful soul. Our beloved artist, Răzvan Gorcinski, is fiercely battling for his life. Following an unexpected onset of septicemia, which has taken over his vibrant body, his health condition is dire. Răzvan is not just a name in the music world; he is also a dear friend and an unforgettable colleague. He left his musical mark in legendary bands that created stories such as PACT by Leo Iorga & Adrian Ordean. He shared his passion for rhythms alongside Proconsul and, more recently, with Kempes, Morandi, and Antract. Now, he is at the crossroads of a vital battle.”

Răzvan Gorcinski’s wife also confirmed the sad news on Facebook, pouring her heart out with a touching message: “My love, my wonderful husband… your last message: ‘I love you immensely’…turns my world upside down. We had so much more to say to each other… You left so much pain behind… so much agony for me, your family, colleagues, friends… everyone loves you! I’m so, so sorry… the house is so empty without you. You will be in my heart forever! A love like ours will never exist again! I love you… even if death has managed to separate us. Have a peaceful journey to the heavens, sing for the angels and tell them about our beautiful and happy life together.”