Subas Chandra Nemwang (Limbu) was born on 11 March 1953 and passed away on 12 September 2023. He was a prominent Nepalese politician who served as the chairman of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal.

Early Career and Background

Born in Suntalabari in the Ilam District, Nemwang had a remarkable political career that began in his college days. He was the first elected Free Students Union chairman of Mahendra Ratna Campus in Ilam. Later on, he was elected as the general secretary of the Nepal Bar Association in 1987.

In the political arena, Nemwang was a force to be reckoned with. After the restoration of democracy in 1990, he consistently emerged victorious from Ilam-2 in all subsequent elections. He won legislative elections in both 1991 and 1999. Nemwang held significant roles, such as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, and most notably, the chairman of the Constituent Assembly.


Nemwang was a family man, with two daughters and two sons. His commitment to family life was parallel to his commitment to public service.

Political Milestones

In the CA election of 2008, Nemwang was elected from Ilam-3. He contested again and won from Ilam-2 in the CA election of 2013. Notably, he led the Constituent Assembly 2 as the Speaker, during which the Constitution of Nepal 2015 was passed and promulgated.

In February 2023, Nemwang was chosen as a candidate in the 2023 Nepalese presidential election from CPN-UML, but unfortunately, he lost to Ram Chandra Paudel of Nepali Congress.


On the early morning of 12 September 2023, Nemwang succumbed to a heart attack at his own residence. He was declared dead at TU Teaching Hospital, marking the end of his impactful life at the age of 70.