Tetsuo Hasegawa (Japanese: 長谷川哲夫; 15 July 1938 – 1 January 2023) was a distinguished Japanese actor, primarily recognized for his work in television. His career in the entertainment industry left a lasting impact and brought joy to audiences across Japan.

Early Life and Education

Tetsuo Hasegawa was born in the picturesque Shimoniikawa District in Toyama, Japan, on 15 July 1938. His journey into the world of acting began with a strong desire to hone his craft. To achieve his dream, he pursued an education in acting at the Haiyuza Theatre School. This educational foundation would become instrumental in shaping his successful career in the performing arts.

Professional Career

Tetsuo Hasegawa’s professional acting career took flight in 1962 when he made his debut in the NHK television film titled “Gōsutoppu monogatari.” From this moment forward, he dedicated his talents to the world of television, captivating audiences with his exceptional acting skills.

Hasegawa’s acting specialization primarily revolved around character roles in television period dramas. One of his most iconic portrayals was that of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi in the long-running television series “Mito Kōmon.” Remarkably, he embodied this character for an impressive 18 years, becoming a beloved figure in the hearts of viewers.

Additionally, Hasegawa was a regular presence in the television series “Kinpachi-sensei,” where he portrayed the role of the Principal. His captivating performances in these roles endeared him to a wide audience and solidified his status as a respected actor.

Hasegawa’s dedication to the craft of acting extended beyond television. In November 2022, he made his final appearance in the stage play titled “Sogetsu Hall de Aimasho!” His commitment to the stage and his enduring love for acting shone brightly throughout his career.


On 1 January 2023, Japan bid farewell to the talented Tetsuo Hasegawa. He passed away at the age of 84 due to the consequences of an internal organ disorder. His contributions to Japanese television and the world of acting continue to be celebrated, and his legacy lives on through the cherished memories he created with his remarkable performances. Tetsuo Hasegawa’s presence on screen brought joy and entertainment to countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Japanese television and theater.