Jan Wieczorek (8 February 1935 – 13 September 2023) was a notable Polish Roman Catholic prelate who dedicated his life to serving the Church and his community. His career within the Catholic Church spanned several decades, during which he held significant positions.

Auxiliary Bishop of Opole: Jan Wieczorek’s journey in the Catholic Church began when he was appointed as the auxiliary bishop of Opole in 1981. As an auxiliary bishop, he played a supportive role to the diocesan bishop and was responsible for various pastoral duties and responsibilities within the diocese.

Bishop of Gliwice: In 1992, Jan Wieczorek was elevated to the position of bishop when he was appointed as the bishop of Gliwice. As the bishop of Gliwice, he assumed a leadership role within the diocese and was responsible for overseeing the spiritual and administrative affairs of the Catholic Church in the region. This role included pastoral care, community engagement, and maintaining the traditions and teachings of the Church.

Throughout his tenure as bishop, Jan Wieczorek worked tirelessly to promote the values and teachings of the Catholic faith. He was known for his commitment to social justice and community welfare, as well as for his efforts to foster unity and understanding among the faithful.

Jan Wieczorek’s service to the Catholic Church and the people of Opole and Gliwice was marked by his dedication, compassion, and strong sense of faith. His passing in September 2023 marked the end of an era in the Polish Catholic Church, and he is remembered for his significant contributions to his dioceses and the broader Catholic community in Poland.