King Charles II (29 May 1630 – 6 February 1685) was King of England, Scotland, and Ireland from the restoration of the monarchy on 29 May 1660 until his death in 1685.

Charles was born in London to King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria of France. He was raised as a Protestant, but converted to Roman Catholicism during his exile in France. He returned to England in 1660 after the death of Oliver Cromwell and was crowned King.

Charles‘s reign was marked by religious and political turmoil. He attempted to promote Catholicism and to restore the power of the monarchy, which led to conflict with Parliament. He also faced opposition from his illegitimate son, the Duke of Monmouth, who led an unsuccessful rebellion against him in 1685.

Charles died in 1685 without legitimate issue. He was succeeded by his brother, James II.